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Amazing tips and tricks to make your daily food delicious !

Amazing tips and tricks to make your daily food delicious !

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  2. |August 6, 2023


Hi, let me share some useful tips to keep in your mind which helps you to become a star in your kitchen and among your family. Given below are the points to be noted. I will be sharing more tips on upcoming blogs. Kindly stay updated with my blog.

  1. During cooking of dal, add one teaspoon of ghee or oil so that dal gets cooked easily.

  2. While boiling egg, add a pinch of salt to water. This prevents the egg shells from cracking.

  3. Adding 1 tablespoon of rava or semolina to the wheat flour, makes poori tastier.

  4. If you cover your milk vessel and keep it for refrigeration overnight, you will get thick cream.

  5. Wrap celery in aluminium foil and keep it in fridge. This helps to keep celery fresh for a longer time.

  6. Add a drop of pineapple essence to sponge cakes to remove the egg smell.

  7. Soak almonds in warm water to make the peeling easier and faster.

  8. Adding peeled potatoes to the curry removes the excess salt from the curry.

  9. Do not over-cook or over-fry the prawns. This makes prawns harder.

  10. Soaking cashew nuts and almonds in water before cooking helps to grind them easily. Popular Recipes

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