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Spaghetti Pasta

Updated: May 29

Spaghetti Pasta

Total cooking time

40 minutes



Number of servings


Pasta’s are of many types. There are above 25 varieties of pasta. Some of them are spaghetti, fusilli, penne rigate, farfalle, fettuccine, pappardelle, etc. The spice and tangy flavor of this recipe can be adjusted as per your taste buds demand. Pasta had became one of the favorite dish at my home. So, I usually go for white sauce pastas if I had penne or fusilli pasta with me. Since my stock was of spaghetti pasta, I had to go with red sauce version of recipe instead of white sauce pasta. I always prefer red sauce pasta recipe for spaghetti.

Recently, my mind was made to prepare something special for lunch. Actually I was in short of time. I just looked my kitchen shelves and there came borges spaghetti durum wheat pasta packet for my rescue. I had bought this spaghetti few days back.

I had opened the packet and boiled half portion of that packet in hot water. Half portion was enough and more to serve 4 persons. By the time my pasta was boiling, I started cooking my vegetable and chicken mix. You can chose any of your kids favorite vegetables to include in this recipe. I had taken carrot, beans and capsicum here. You can also go with broccoli, cabbage, mushroom, etc. I had also taken paneer cubes and shredded chicken for this recipe.

The taste of chicken indulges into this pasta and it is amazingly delicious.

By adding vegetables, shredded chicken, paneer and sauces, my pasta had became too rich in flavor and taste. The amount of sauce can be decided as per your taste. Adding more tomato sauce makes your pasta tangy. And if you need to make it spicy, add extra chilli flakes. You can mix well everything and garnish with parsley. Take a pasta plate, transfer the prepared pasta and serve hot. Enjoy this delicious recipe from us in your home too !


  1. Spaghetti – 250 g

  2. Garlic chopped – 6 pods

  3. Chilli flakes – 1/2 teaspoon

  4. Onion sliced – 1 medium

  5. Carrot, cut lengthwise – 1

  6. Beans, chopped slanting – 8

  7. Capsicum, cut lengthwise – 1/2

  8. Shredded Chicken – 250 g

  9. Paneer cubes, small – 100 g

  10. Oregano – 1/2 teaspoon

  11. Tomato sauce – 2 teaspoon

  12. Soya sauce – 1 teaspoon

  13. Water – to boil spaghetti pasta

  14. Salt – as required

  15. Olive oil(or any vegetable oil) – 2 tablespoon

  16. Parsley or basil leaves – to garnish

Method of preparation

  1. Cook 250 g of boneless chicken with salt and pepper. Cut it into small pieces like shredded chicken. Keep it aside.

  2. Take a large covered pot of water and boil it on high flame.

  3. Add spaghetti and required salt when the water starts to rolling boil.

  4. Stir it 4 to 5 times to avoid pasta clumping together.

  5. Meanwhile, heat oil in a kadai and add chopped garlic to it. Sauté for a minute till the color of garlic changes and becomes fragrant.

  6. Add chilli flakes, sauté it and then add onions.

  7. Add carrots and beans. Cook them by maintaining the color of these vegetables. Do not over cook. Let them be little crispy in texture.

  8. Now add shredded chicken and paneer cubes. Sauté for 2 to 3 minutes. Add chopped capsicum also.

  9. Using a fork, check if your pasta is cooked. If so, drain the excess water and then keep it aside.

  10. Add the cooked spaghetti pasta to the vegetables and chicken mix.

  11. Now add soya sauce, tomato sauce and oregano. Mix well everything.

  12. Garnish the pasta with parsley or basil leaves. Serve in a pasta plate and enjoy.

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