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Watermelon Juice

Updated: May 28

Watermelon Juice

Total time to prepare

Ten minutes



Watermelon is a perfect fruit for juice due to its high water content. This naturally sweet juice is a highly satisfying and refreshing drink during summer season. When you need to refresh yourself, just have a glass of watermelon juice and enjoy.

Eating watermelon without juicing it is also a great way, since the texture and taste of this fruit is too good. But I prefer to juice watermelon rather than eating as fruit because I don’t prefer removing seeds one by one. So thought of sharing this simple juice recipe with you all.

Benefits of Watermelon :

  1. Watermelons are rich in antioxidants known as lycopene, which provides red color to the fruit and protects our body from free radicals

  2. The presence of potassium in watermelons helps our body to recover after exercises and heavy works

  3. Watermelon is a great source of vitamin A and Vitamin C

  4. Helps in hydrating our body easily

  5. Watermelon helps in controlling the blood pressure, since it contains amino acid called citrulline

  6. Watermelon is low in calorie and free of fat

This simple juice can be extracted by scooping the watermelon to a blender. Then blend for about 30 seconds. Taste the juice from the blender with the help of a spoon. If you prefer this pulpy form, then you can drink it directly. If there is more pulp and seed, you may pass the juice through a strainer to strain the juice.

It is always better to prepare home made juice using market available fruits. But most of us have a tendency to buy artificial flavored juices or soft drinks when we go outside to a hot sun, even though we know they are unhealthy. Watermelon juice can be prepared in different ways. They goes well with lemon, ginger, mint, orange, basil, cilantro, etc. Let me share the recipe of watermelon juice with lemon juice with you all.


  1. Watermelon, de-seeded and cubed – 1 medium

  2. Lemon juice – 1.5 tablespoon

  3. Sugar – 2 tablespoon, optional

  4. Ice cubes, optional

Method of preparation

  1. Peel and cut the water melon into 1/2 inch cubes

  2. Add the cubed watermelon pieces to a blender

  3. Add 1.5 tablespoon lemon juice to it

  4. Add sugar to the blender if you prefer it

  5. Blend until smooth and pass the juice through a fine mesh strainer

  6. Pour the watermelon juice to a bowl or jar

  7. Transfer the juice to long glasses and serve immediately with or without ice cubes.

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