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Beetroot Juice

Updated: May 28

Beetroot Juice

Total preparation time

15 min



Beetroots are versatile vegetable, which can add flavor to any kind of dishes. Beetroot is a natural source of nitrate, which helps in controlling the blood pressure. Daily intake of beetroot juice makes the blood flow to the brain easily in older persons. Beetroots are rich in nutrients, vitamins and minerals. They are a source of carotenoids and lutein. Beetroots are rich in dietary fiber, vitamin C, magnesium, iron, copper and phosphorus.

Beetroots have the highest sugar content among all the vegetables. So, they can increase the blood sugar levels also. So, people who are diabetic or on sugar restrictions should avoid too much intake of beetroot. If you are health concerned, you may skip the sugar mentioned in the below recipe. You can go with the natural sweet of the beetroot. This juice helps in attaining good skin and complexion.

This juice is very easy to prepare. It takes maximum 15 minutes to prepare this energizing and refreshing drink. Since you are preparing in home itself, you can enjoy an excellent preservative free juice. In order to give a little sour taste to the juice, I had added lemon juice also to the mixer.

Because of the low calorie of beetroot, they are used in weight loss diets. So, it is a great option for morning smoothie for diet concerns. Also, beetroots helps body to get rid of toxins and improves the digestive health. Juicing of beetroots are better than cooking them as the nutritional values can be maintained.

Check out this simple and easy to make recipe of beetroot juice at your home. I am sure your kids will be loving it.


  1. Beetroot – 1 medium size

  2. Ginger – 20 gm

  3. Lemon – 1

  4. Sugar – 3 tablespoon

  5. Chilled water – 2 glass

  6. Ice cubes – 4

Method of preparation

  1. Peel off the skin of beetroot and ginger, and wash them with water

  2. Grate the beetroot

  3. Remove the seeds of the lemon and extract the juice and keep it aside

  4. Blend the beetroot, lemon juice, ginger and water in a blender

  5. Sieve the juice to a vessel and then add sugar and mix well

  6. Transfer to a juice glass

  7. Add ice cubes and serve the juice.

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