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Guava Jelly

Guava Jelly

  1. Jams and Preserves

  2. |August 3, 2023

  3. 50 mins

  4. Difficult


Here is the simplest recipe of a guava Jelly which you can easily prepare at your home. This Jelly will be loved by all the guava lovers. You can also have it with bread if needed. It can also be consumed directly. Jelly’s are made of nothing more than fruit and sugar, boiled in water. It is the pectin in fruit that is the magical setting or gumming, agent-a hydrocolloid that causes the fruit syrup to set firm as it cools. We extract the chemical glue, pectin, from fruits by boiling them. Because there is just a small amount of pectin in most fruits, it needs to be concentrated, then coaxed into a gel. When boiled gently in water for a few minutes until soft, the fruit cells start to rupture and  much of the pectin escapes and dissolves into the water. Adding sugar with the fruit sweetens and thickens the mixture, drawing water away from the pectin molecules and forcing pectin strands to knit. Turning the heat up  causes the mixture to boil and froth vigorously. During this time the syrup thickens and pectin reforms into a gel-like configuration.


  1. 1½ kg .ripe guavas – good variety with less seeds

  2. 1/4 kg sugar

  3. 2 lime’s juice

Method of preparation

Cut the guavas into four pieces each. Put them in a clean degchi and pour enough water to cover the fruits. Cover and cook till tender. Strain the cooked fruits through a musline without crushing them. (to get the clear juice). Add sugar to the juice and boil till a syrup consistancy is formed. Add lime juice and cook again for 5 minutes. Store in bottles when it is still warm, but do not close them with the lids before it becomes quite cold. Popular Recipes

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