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Plain Wheat Dosa

Updated: 4 days ago

Plain Wheat Dosa

  1. Breakfast

  2. |August 2, 2023

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  1. 25 mins

  2. Easy


How about sharing an easy and quick breakfast recipe today ? It will be more interesting, if you come to know that this is a very healthy breakfast recipe. When you are craving for an easy and quick breakfast, you can scroll through this recipe. We are using wheat flour as the main ingredient here and then we prepare crispy and tasty dosa’s out of it.

This is an instant dosa recipe. There are lots of instant dosa’s which can be easily made with oats, semolina, etc. Usually dosa’s are prepared by fermenting. But here, we need to mix all the ingredients only with water. Then pouring over hot tawas, our crispy dosa’s are ready to be served.

The batter prepared should be of flowing type. If you feel that the batter is thick, you can adjust it by adding water. And if the batter is more loose or watery, you can add wheat flour. Taste and check if the salt is balanced.

Adding rice flour and semolina is the reason for crispy wheat dosas. These flour makes dosa thin and crispier. There are many versions of wheat dosa. You can also make this dosa by adding whole wheat flour alone. You may get soft dosas which will be similar to the taste of chapatis. I always prefer to add rice flour and semolina. These crispy wheat dosas are more delicious with sambar and coconut chutney.

People who prefer dishes for busy breakfast may go ahead with the recipe which is mentioned below.


1. Wheat flour – 1.5 cups

2. Rava or Semolina – 2 tbspn

3. Rice flour – 2 tbspn

4. Ghee or oil – 2 tbspn

5. Water – 1.5 cups or as required to form a loose batter

6. Salt – to taste

Method of preparation

1. Take wheat flour, semolina and rice flour into a mixing bowl.

2. Add some water to the bowl and break the lumps formed by mixing well.

3. Add more water till the batter consistency becomes loose.

4. Add salt and ghee to the batter.

5. Heat your dosa tawa and brush it with some oil or ghee. Make sure to use a seasoned tawa, so that you can easily flip your dosa.

6. Stir the batter and add 1 ladle of dosa batter to the tawa to make thin dosa's

7. When one side of dosa becomes golden color, sprinkle some ghee or oil on top of the dosa and then flip it.

8. Cook the other side also.

9. Similarly make all the crispy dosa’s and serve it with any chutneys

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