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Strawberry Preserve

Strawberry Preserve

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  2. |August 2, 2023

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  1. 50 mins

  2. Intermediate


This is the season of strawberry and I also got too many strawberries from my garden. So, I thought of making strawberry preserve and share the recipe with you all. The only thing you have to do is to chop the strawberries and mix them with sugar and stir them continuously.

Preserves or Jams that are made fresh from fruits have their own unique flavor than the store bought jams. This is a simple and easy 2 ingredient recipe of strawberry preserve.

Strawberry preserves can be used to toast, can be added as a layer in between the cakes, can be used as toppings for ice creams and cheesecakes.

When you start preparing the jams or preserves in your home, then you won’t go to the store to buy them. The taste is so much different for both. You will get a softer and looser texture if you make this preserve at your home. Do try this 2 ingredient recipe and enjoy !


  1. Strawberry – 500 g

  2. Sugar         – 750 g

Method of preparation

  1. Wash and clean the organic strawberries

  2. Discard the caps and leaves of all the strawberries

  3. Chop them to half or quarter lengthwise depending on the size of the strawberry

  4. Combine the berries with sugar in a large stainless steel container

  5. Allow the berries to rest overnight

  6. On next day, take a saucepan and add the berries in sugar

  7. Let it slowly boil till the sugar dissolves,  by stirring occasionally

  8. Increase the heat and bring the mix to a full rolling boil

  9. Using a spoon, skim off the foam from the surface

  10. Once cooled, transfer it to a glass container.

How to test whether the strawberry preserve is done :

To know whether strawberry preserves are ready, you may dip a spoon into the sauce pan. Take out the spoon and run your finger along the back. If there is a clear path and the jam doesn’t cover that spot, it’s done! Popular Recipes

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