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Tips to manage kitchen easily during busy schedules !

Tips to manage kitchen easily during busy schedules !

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  2. |August 3, 2023

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1. Plan menu for a week and purchase items on weekend based on the prepared menu.

2. Boil the potatoes, cut the vegetables, peel shallots and garlic, grate coconuts and pack them separately to store in refrigerator.

3. Mince the meat and marinate the fish and keep the same in freezer.

4. Use separate chopping boards for vegetables and meat. It can help you to cut them easily and reduce the strain for your hands.

5. Use induction cookers to boil milk and water as it can save your time.

6. Arrange your everyday kitchen necessities in pullout baskets, so you can have everything under your eye point.

7. Clean the refrigerator once in a month. Check the expiry dates and remove the unwanted things.

8. Remove broken glass and plates from your kitchen and make good space in the kitchen.

9. Use vegetable peeler, garlic peeler and vegetable chopper effectively, if you have them in your kitchen.

10. Use cloth bags or paper covers instead of plastic covers, thereby reducing the use of plastics which can help in the waste management.

11. Use a shopping bag made of cloth when you go out for purchasing. It will be better if you avoid the polythene covers from shops.

12. Make a small vegetable garden in your home or balcony. You can grow chilli, curry leaves, mint leaves, celery, brinjal, etc. You can use grow bags or clay pots.

13. Cook some special rice or dessert once in a week and arrange them in serve wares which are meant for your guests. All family members can sit together and enjoy the delicious meal prepared. Popular Recipes

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