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Cashew nut chutney

Cashew nut chutney

  1. General

  2. |August 1, 2023

  3. 12 mins

  4. Easy


Ingredients :

  1. Raw cashew nuts- 1 cup

  2. Lemon juice - ¼ tbsp

  3. Salt - 1 tablespoon

  4. Ginger half inch piece

  5. Green chilis - 2

  6. Water ½ cup

  7. Coriander leaves chopped - 2 tablespoon

Method of preparation :

Mix cashews, lemon juice, salt, ginger and chillies with a quarter cup of water. Blend it together in a mixer until it is smooth paste. Add more water as necessary to produce a loose paste. Now transfer it to a bowl. Add fresh coriander and keep it refrigerated for 2 days. The paste will get thick. After that add water as required and serve.

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Cashew nut Chutney

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